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Changde New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yueyang, a national historical and cultural city. The predecessor of the company is Yueyang Changde Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1993 and restructured in Sinopec's system. The company currently has five subsidiaries and five production bases.

The company implements the mission of "providing high-quality products for customers, providing platforms for employees, providing returns for shareholders, and contributing value to the society", and is committed to the sustainable and healthy development of the three business sectors of environmental chemicals, fine chemicals and new chemical materials. The company's main products have more than 30 varieties in six categories, mainly including: functional material chemicals, coating chemicals, agricultural chemicals, medical chemicals, fragrance chemicals, building materials chemicals. Application terminals include: wind blades, new energy vehicle interiors, high-grade solvents, antihypertensive drugs, acaricides, pesticides and cement admixtures, etc.

Adhering to the operation philosophy of “Searching for advanced and outstanding technology, keeping integrity and noble character ”,the company has established a "trinity" collaborative innovation system of production, sales and research to contribute to the development of the enterprise. The company has won the title of Hunan Provincial Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation and entrepreneurship team, one person enjoys the special government allowance of The State Council, and has platforms such as "Hunan Enterprise Technology Center", "Yueyang Green Catalytic Oxidation Academician Workstation" and "Hunan Intellectual Property Advantage Cultivation Enterprise", with 60 authorized patents.

Based on the development vision of "green, characteristic and outstanding", the company is committed to the direction of "green". The company is intensively engaged in the comprehensive utilization of caprolactam resources, and is the only enterprise that realizes the comprehensive utilization of all three wastes in the double process of caprolactam. The comprehensive utilization products have been included in the preferential catalogues of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation. It is one of the 108 advanced units of environmental protection in the petroleum and chemical industries during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Focus on "featured" products, to be the individual champion and supporting expert in the subdivision field. Among them, the products such as epoxy cyclohexane, n-amyl alcohol, cyclohexanediamine, cyclohexanediol and other products have filled the domestic gap, epoxy cyclohexane, methyl cyclohexane and ring hexamethylenediamine global market share among the top three. The global market share of and cyclohexanediamine ranks the top three, OSB building materials additives are at the international advanced level, and the production capacity of polyetheramine and polyether polyol ranks in the forefront of domestic counterparts. The company is the third batch of specialized and new "little giant" enterprises in the country. Focus on "excellent" development. The company follows the "N+1+1" group model, that is, N subsidiaries, 1 management headquarters, and 1 R&D center. It adheres to market-oriented, value creation as the goal, and technology as the support to achieve sustainable enterprise development. .

We are willing to go hand in hand with friends from all walks of life, cooperate and win-win, develop harmoniously and share the future.